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Power Line Work


Africa’s electricity consumption is expected to grow at an average rate of 3.4 % per year over the period 2000 - 2020. The unpredictability of power supply is however one of the main drawbacks to economic growth. To address the issue of power supply reliability, many countries have introduced stopgap solutions such as diesel barges and temporary generators. This is far from desirable, as it does not add value to the existing electricity supply chain.

Voltage dips on a power line network causes both direct and indirect financial losses. Interruption of power supply are caused in a number of ways, like a short circuit on the supply side or when the network is weakened by the loss of transmission lines due to faults. Power line faults and specifically uncontrolled outages cause damage to equipment such as switchgear and the resultant unserved energy directly affects the profitability and tarnishes the public image of the utility.

Chopper Worx embraces a systematic approach to the management of a transmission network. Our contribution to the electricity industry makes real and dramatic improvements to the quality of supply.

We have invested heavily to acquire specialized tools with which to perform turn key operations. We own all tools and other resources are wholly owned by us and human resources are full time employees of the Company.

Our power line services include:

  • Route selection/EIA
  • LIDAR surveys
  • Helicopter assisted power line construction (air crane work)
  • Power line inspection/survey
  • Aerial live line maintenance
  • Insulator washing

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