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Modern telecommunication networks are made up by a fibre optic cable backbone. To ensure safety to the installed cables and to achieve fast rates of installation, the preferred choice is to install the fibre optic cable onto existing overhead HV power lines that crisscross the countryside.


Fibre optic lashing (ADL) / Skywrap

By far the biggest stumbling block to achieving fast rates of fibre roll-out along overhead lines are the time taken to move the tug/lashing machine around the pylon at the end of that span, before commencing with the next span. Our helicopter assistance completely negates that shortcoming.

With a team of 1 x helicopter, four lashing machines/tugs and eight aerial workmen, the following production targets can be achieved:

  • Installation speeds in excess of 12 km per day on average.
  • Installation speeds of up to 30 km per day have been achieved.

All Di-electric Self Support (ADSS)

Our expertise in and knowledge of the power line industry, coupled with the ability to deliver external loads with pinpoint accuracy, saw us involved as pioneers of the aerial stringing of ADSS cables along overhead HV power lines. This technique combines the speed of the helicopter with a relatively small workforce to achieve maximum output. Inaccessible servitudes typically encountered in rural areas or mountainous terrain is easily overcome by using this technique.

Rollout speeds of up to 70 km per week can be achieved.

Optical Ground Wire (OPGW)

Replacement of OPGW often proves to be a high-risk operation under “live” conditions. Applying the flight techniques and procedures developed for power line maintenance, the helicopter is used to prepare towers, install pilot wire and monitor the stringing and tensioning of the new wire.

Replacing of OPGW under live conditions in conjunction with double pulley (DPR) has been demonstrated.

Rolling out of OPGW compared with conventional techniques can be quadrupled with this technique. Rollout speeds of up to 6 km per day are achievable.


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