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Insulator Washing

Prior to the use of helicopters to combat electrical pylon insulator pollution, the washing of insulators was conducted from the ground. Apart from being very time consuming, it was also found to be ineffective. Heli-borne insulator washing is a common technique and applied in various countries with great success.


The System

  • Can be used on all live line systems from 88kV to 765 kV.
  • Two-crew: 1 x pilot and 1 x boom operator.
  • The pump is capable of operating at an adjustable pressure of up to 140 BAR and a flow rate of up to 41 liters per minute.
  • The boom is equipped with adjustable and angled nozzles.
  • Effective spraying distance of up to 4 meters from the nozzle.
  • The belly mounted water reservoir accommodates 700 liters of water.

Some benefits to the customer

  • Prevention of flashover at the insulators thus preventing line failures.
  • Reducing fault current, therefore preventing inadvertent energy losses.
  • It is possible to wash up to 600 insulator strings per day, depending on external factors.

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