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Safety Management


The pillars of a successful air services company are its commitment to safety. A good safety record is no longer a bragging right - a safe working is non-negotiable and is a pre-requirement by clients and staff alike.

Our Safety Management System (SMS) was developed to differentiate between knowing we are operating safely as opposed to just believing it. The flight safety records of the company are testimony to our uncompromising safety consciousness.

Some of the measures that we have taken to maintain the highest levels of safety are:

  • We have a Combined Single Limit Third party and Passenger Liability Insurance policy of USD20 Million.
  • International medical evacuation policies for our crews.
  • Comprehensive 4-day survival packs are standard equipment on helicopters that are deployed.
  • Location devices on all helicopters and with flight crews.
  • Pilots attend in an on-going basis official Decision Making, First aid, Fire Fighting and Dangerous Goods Courses.
  • Any tasks not previously undertaken are comprehensively researched where innovated ideas are generated to determine the safest working practice, and then documented for future application.
  • All pilots are subjected to regular proficiency evaluations.
  • “Real time” satellite flight tracking of the helicopter fleet.
  • We are subjected annually to independent safety audits by international aviation risk management firms to ensute we comply with world best practise.
  • All new projects are subjected to a comprehensive risk analysis, after which an Emergency Response Plan is devised, in cosultion with all stakeholders.

Quality Management Policy

Chopper Worx is committed to service excellence. We recognize quality management as a key core value and will consistently strive for service excellence and client satisfaction in order to ensure continuous improvement.

Pursuant of the above, we aim will comply with applicable standards, specifications and statutory, environmental and other requirements as formulated by society. We aim to provide confidence to management and employees that the requirements for Quality Assurance is being fulfilled and maintained, and that continuous improvement is taking place.

Our key objective is to provide all the above in a cost-effective manner. Every person in our organization is required to use this system as a tool for continuous improvement in all our business aspects and are encouraged to constructively challenge any procedure that is detrimental to the quality of our product or service.

Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Management Policy

Chopper Worx is committed to a responsible HSE management and the improvement of the quality of life for society as a whole. Electric transmission systems have adverse impacts on the HSE of society. We recognize HSE management as a key core value and aim to conduct our business in such a way that negative and risks to HSE impacts are minimized and positive impacts on the environment and society are maximized.


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