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Code of Ethics


It is the purpose of this Code of Ethics to establish certain minimum standards in order to foster customer confidence in the safety of our helicopter operations and to protect the reputation and good name of our company.

Technical Standards

All flights are made in accordance with appropriate government regulations. In addition, our employees will always exercise their best judgment to ensure a maximum safety factor at all times.

We employ and assign only individuals who hold current and appropriate certificates of qualification where applicable. In addition, we are satisfied, either through training provided or by review of the pilot’s experience, that our flight personnel are familiar with the type of work to which they are assigned and are capable of completing it satisfactorily.

Maintenance on our helicopters is performed in a manner that conforms to appropriate regulations, so as to ensure the airworthiness of the aircraft. We do not use parts and materials of unknown origin or doubtful specification.

We do not to use helicopters that are unable to perform the specific task safely and acceptably.

Conduct and business standard

While recognizing that it is impossible to list all the attitudes and factors that comprise good business ethics, we shall make every effort to promote and maintain the highest business standards possible.

Our advertising shall be tactful and accurately represent the services that we offer.

Since financial stability is the hallmark of a leading company in any industry, we shall exert every effort to anticipate our financial obligations and to meet them promptly when due.


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